Paper 3D Glasses

Your3DGlasses is a renowned company providing their clients with high-standard promotional products. Thanks to such items, you will be able to conduct a very creative and original commercial campaign. On the present market, where competitiveness is really high, standing out in a positive way is crucial for catching a consumer's attention. You can choose from various kinds of glasses, differing in, for example, designs and materials which they are made from. Thanks to covering them with your logo, you will be able to advertise the brand.

3D Glasses

You can order, for example, various kinds of paper 3D glasses. There are the popular anaglyph models, which have lenses in two different colours, most common combination being red and cyan. They are great for viewing three-dimensional images, films, websites and not only, hence you will be able to enrich your promotional presentation with interesting variations. What is more, there are also, among other things, paper 3D glasses dedicated to watching laser shows, fireworks and holiday celebrations.

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