Exhaust system spare parts

Visiting ExaustDirect24 online shop, you will have a wide range of exhaust system spare parts to choose from. You can find there products compatible with vehicles of the most famous brands, such as Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Ford or Seat, but also those which are made for cars from the less popular producers (for example Vauxhall, Tablot, Chery or Avia. All of the elements stocked there are of the highest quality and have 24-month warranty, as well as the necessary ISO and TÜV certifications.

Diesel particulate filter

One of the most popular products, available in ExhaustDirect24 shop is a diesel particulate filter. This device is very environment-friendly, as it allows us to clean all the most toxic elements of the exhaust gases, which are the soot particles. It can be done thanks to the specific structure of its box, containing a dense network of channels with porous walls. The soot particles are kept inside and when there is a lot of them gathered, the filter burns them out. This device is often used together with catalytic converter.

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