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Thanks to SM Solutions, you can make your flat or house not only more beautiful, but safer as well. It is because their products are made from high-standard materials got from renowned suppliers, hence they are hard to break and also, they have a really appealing look. Their offer includes, for example, roller shutters, windows, retractable grilles, house or garage doors and more. They can be assembled for you in any part of the country (including Northern Ireland) by their professional, experienced fitters.

PVC Windows

You can order, among other things, tilt and turn windows, which are the most common version of this product in Europe. Their popularity certainly stems from the comfort of use they provide. Namely, they can be opened in two different ways – they can be swung like doors, as well as tilted at the top, what allows for letting just a small breeze in. SM Solutions will prepare windows suited to your needs perfectly, not only when it comes to size, but also the design and colour.

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